The Bible is for everyone

Finnish Bible Society is a modern and traditional 200-years old society. We translate and publish the Bible in different languages. We promote awareness, influence attitudes and raise interest towards the word of God. We enhance human rights, literacy and involvement.

Our goal is to connect people with the word of God

  • in a language that the heart understands
  • with a price that everyone can afford
  • in a form that corresponds the needs of the person using the Bible

Finnish Bible Society is one of the official missionary societies of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church.  We are the oldest Christian organization in Finland and the oldest book publisher. We work on an ecumenical basis.

kaksi tyttöä halaa ja heiluttaa

Locally and globally

The themes of our international work are the translation of the Bible, literacy work and the Bible engagement. Finnish Bible Society is part of the global network of the United Bible Societies that works all over the world in 240 countries and areas.

Our work is based on supporting the local Bible Societies, churches and people in the countries and areas where we work. We do not send our own employees to do the translation, distribution or awareness work but support, educate and consult the local people and churches. We are also responsible for monitoring the quality of the work that we support.

Finnish Bible Society for literacy

Literacy is not just a skill, it is a human right.
According to UNESCO, there are nearly 800 million non-literate adults in the world. Literacy for Women in Africa (LWA) offers literacy classes in local African languages.

Verse of the Day

Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

Psalm 34:8

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The Bible in your own language

Are you in Finland looking for the Bible in your own language? There is a versatile selection of Bibles in different languages ​​in Sacrum’s selection.