The Finnish Bible Society has appointed a new CEO, welcoming Revd. Dr Petri Merenlahti to the role on June 1st

Mies pöydän ääressä katsoo kameraan

Originally a New Testament scholar, Revd. Dr Merenlahti has had a distinguished career with positions of leadership within both non-profit humanitarian and faith-based organizations – including serving as chair of Amnesty International Finland, a member of Amnesty’s International Executive Committee and a delegate in the Finnish National Human Rights Delegation.

With Revd. Dr Merenlahti’s appointment, former CEO Revd. Dr Markku Kotila’s dedicated service of 30 years to the Finnish Bible Society draws to a close. Revd Dr Kotila continues to serve the Bible Society as the  Theological Director for the digital translation project ‘Old Testament 2028’.  Please join us in thanking God for Revd. Dr Kotila and his commitment to the Bible Society, and pray for His blessing over the future of the Bible Society under Revd. Dr Merenlahti’s leadership.